Grade 1 Community Kindness Challenge

Ms. Schmidt (Ms. Cullins' intern) has been teaching the Grade 1s about kindness and extending your kindness by giving back to the community. The students were very interested in helping animals, so Ms. Schmidt took the initiative to make cat toys (with the grade 1s) and collect blankets for the Regina Humane Society and other shelters.

This is where we need your help!

FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school participated in the FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign again this year, which means we collected donations of food and cash for people in our area who are hungry. Because we participated in this program, FCC will include our school in a draw for a $500 donation to be used to make improvements at the winning school.

QSP Fundraiser Information, Prizes, & Deadlines

As with every year, we give two weeks as a deadline for QSP orders, then extend it another two weeks.  Therefore, QSP sales have been extended to October 20th, 2017.

Any child who has had a sale go through so far will have his/her name entered into a draw for a $10 Famoso Pizza gift card.  We will do one draw next week and one the week after.

In addition to the QSP prizes, each child that has a sale will receive a $5 Famoso Pizza gift card.

School Yard Clean Up

We had a great day on Sunday cleaning up the school grounds and planting bulbs. Lots of families were out and everyone worked hard, enjoyed coffee and Timbits, and accomplished A LOT! Mr. B was out with his trailer and was able to haul away yard waste and wood. We put in somewhere close to 350 of the 500 bulbs, which was way more than expected!

Well done Davin community!!!

Terry Fox Fundraiser Update

Our school has raised funds for the Terry Fox Foundation for several years. This year, we had a ‘Toonies for Terry Hat Day,’ a cookie sale, and a school-wide assembly and Terry Fox Walk. We were able to surpass our goal this year. We raised $508.20! Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this year’s campaign a success!

As a result of our success, Ms. Bussiere has to dress up in a costume that we have chosen for her! Pictures to come!!