Davin School Supports the United Way

We are fundraising for the United Way from Oct. 20-Nov.30. The United Way has supported Regina Public Schools through summer reading camps and donations for classroom libraries throughout the city. We will kick off this fundraising event tomorrow (Oct. 20) with a candy guess. Your child can guess the amount of candy in the jar which will cost .50 cents/guess. There will be 3 jars and the 3 winners will be presented their jar of candy at the October 27th assembly.

On November 1st, for $1.00/vote, students will be able to vote for a teacher that they would like to see get “pied.” That’s right, the top 3 teachers with the most votes will get a pie in the face during the November assembly.

The teachers at Davin will be having a silent auction in the staff room to help raise funds for this great cause. If all of the events combined end up raising $1500 we will tape Mr. Rosbrook to the gym wall during the November assembly, as well.

Thank you for continuing to support our school in giving back to our community.

Ms. Cullins

Candy Guess


Pie in the Eye!


Silent Auction:

Staff members will purchase or bring items from home which will be displayed in Mrs. Bussiere’s office. The staff will then bid on each other’s items. Highest bid wins the item!