Staff Directory

The Crescents School has an exceptional staff comprised of in-school admin, teaching staff, educational assistants, maintenance staff, front office staff, and division office support staff.

 The CrescentsSchool Staff


Ms. Jillian Bussiere


Mrs. Rhonda Kirkness

Administrative Secretary

Mr. Jose Bariuan

Ms. Dallendyshe Myrta

Head Maintenance

Evening Maintenance

Mrs. Lindsay Jackson

Kindergarten AM & PM

Ms. Laura McIntosh

Grade 1A

Ms. Tracy Cullins

Grade 12A

Ms. Sandra Shakespeare

Grade 23A

Ms. Hilary Forster

Ms. Wendy Olson

Grade 34A

Grade 4A

MS. Lyndsie Wilson

Mrs. Hillary Mayer

Grade 5A

Grade 56A

Ms. Lisa Mitchell (Whaley)

Grade 67A

Mrs. Adrienne Sklar

Grade 8A

Mr. Kyle Rosbrook

Mrs.  Starla Olynick

Structured Learning (SLC)

Structured Learning (SLC)

Mr. Ian Mulholland

SLC Activity Specialist

Ms. Marytes Viray

Educational Assistant

Ms. Nelvie Camus

Ms. Deanna Matchullis

Educational Assistant

Educational Assistant

Ms. Vasantha Goudar

Mrs. Joan Francisco-Juan

Ms. Kendra Bergsteinson

Mrs. Gurbinder Kaur

Educational Assistant

Educational Assistant

Educational Assistant

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Mia Olson

Learning Resource Teacher

Mrs. Kara Picard

French Specialist

Mrs. Phyllis Thomas

Teacher-Librarian/Numeracy Specialist

Mrs. Sarah Adams

Arts Ed Specialist

Mrs. Lindsay Stennes

Band Teacher

Mr. Dallas McPherson

EAL Teacher

Mrs. Josey Lustig

Dragon’s Den Director

Ms. Joanne Wade

Dragon’s Den

Division Office Support Staff


Mr. Matthew McCaw

School Psychologist

Ms. Sarah Fuchs 

School Counsellor

Mrs. Lois Herridge/Mrs. Morgan Reed


Ms. Kristina Thunberg

Speech Pathologist

Ms. Vanessa Pham

Occupational Therapist